For those of us who were fortunate enough to be Star Trek fans when the Great Bird of the Galaxy was still with us, it seems impossible to imagine that Gene Roddenberry has been gone for 28 years, but time is a cruel measure and so we look back and remember the man who created Star Trek over half a century ago pulled together some quotes from the great man.

“Jonathan Swift wanted to write about his times, but he would have had his head chopped off if he talked about stupid kings and queens, crooked prime ministers and all of that. He decided to create a place where he could talk about such things – and get away with it. So, he created Gulliver’s Travels. I started thinking, ‘Well, maybe if I could have all my stories happen on far off planets, then I could talk about all those things I wanted to talk about. That seemed to be a good idea, and Star Trek came fairly easily after that.” — Starlog Magazine Issue 108


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