Appearing on This Moring, Sir Patrick Stewart covered a number of topics, the most important being that of assisted dying.  

“[The way she committed suicide was] a traumatic, painful, miserable way to die, and [it was] a traumatic way for your husband to discover that’s the way you’ve died.

“So often when I’m talking about doctor-assisted dying, it is the situation concerning loved ones, relatives, children, friends; like my friend telling me, where this comfort needs to be given.”

Patrick had his own health scare back in the early 2000's that acted as a wake up call.

“I was diagnosed very unexpectedly during my annual physical and…my cardiologist said to me ‘What are you doing this afternoon?’ and I said ‘actually, I’m going to Paramount Pictures for lunch.’ He said ‘I’d rather you didn’t’ and in five minutes, I was on a gurney giving details of next-of-kin so it was rather dramatic. So I didn’t have time to brood on it but what I did know was that I was in the best possible hands I could have been in and that I was going to be taken care of whatever the outcome.

“But yes, it was a wake-up call. Patrick, you are not immune.”

 To Sir Patricks cardiologist, you have our eternal thanks. 


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