The Star Trek galaxy lost a true star when, on 21st September, Aron Eisenberg passed away. The official Star Trek site took a look at his life and career.

Eisenberg's wife, Malíssa Longo — confirmed on Facebook that he passed away today, on September 21, at the age of 50.

Eisenberg, described himself as "actor, filmmaker and proud father" and was a professional photographer who shot landscapes, concerts, corporate photography, portraits and more. Eisenberg's earliest credits included an episode of the series Straight Up, the TV movie Amityville: The Evil Escapes and the features The Horror Show, Playroom and Beverly Hills Brats, all in the late 1980s.

When he was cast as Nog, the producers told him nothing about the character, nor was he aware of how many episodes he'd be called upon to do. As he told in a 2012 interview, "I thought every episode I was doing might be my last episode." Eisenberg ultimately played Nog in more than 40 episodes of DS9. He also portrayed Kar, the young Kazon-Ogla, in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Initiations.”

 Born with just one kidney, Aron had battled with health issues for most of his life. A transplant four years ago gave him a new lease of life, but tragically he is gone age 50.

 Our deepest condolences from the team at Star Trek: The Neutral Zone. 


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