The gang's back together - well, a few of them anyway and Marina Sirtis discusses the return of Riker and Troi in a first season episode of Star Trek Picard with the Edmonton Journal.

“They’re my only real friends in America. We’re still incredibly close. If we go to a party we always end up sitting in a corner with our backs to the rest of the room talking to each other. When we do conventions, nobody brings their significant other because we just want to hang out together.”

And it appears it was no different while working on Star Trek: Picard.

“Oh my God, the vibe. Well, Jonathan iis a force of nature. After forty-three years, he’s still my favorite director of all time and he has this great energy. Working with him is fun. There’s no stress or anxiety. Patrick was obviously thrilled. He kept this silly grin on his face the whole time.”

While so far there have been four of the classic TNG crew in the show, other members of The Next Generation swung by for a visit.

“On the last day Michael [Dorn] and LeVar [Burton] came to visit, and it got so loud. We laughed so much that when they left some of the crew came up to me and said ‘we could hear you from two hundred yards away. Was that what it was like on the set [of TNG]?’ I said, yeah, that’s exactly what it was like. We laughed all the time.”

Marina was also asked bout how she looks on the show, a fair question given it's 20 years later and much could have changed.

“Well, the Rikers are a married couple now. Oh gosh, I don’t know if I can say much because of the NDAs. I signed an NDA that was about four pages long. These days you need to sign an NDA sometimes before you go into audition. It’s amazing.” 


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