Destination Star Trek is now only two months away, 27th to the 29th October at the NEC in Birmingham and a whole host of photo shoots have been announced for the show, so grab a cup of Earl grey and sit down as you check out what the show has in store.

Denise Crosby will now be doing a fun photo shoot with our Next Generation Captain's chair and bridge backdrop! 

Now at Destination Star Trek​ Birmingham you can join Commander Riker on the bridge of the Enterprise! Jonathan Frakes, you, plus the Next Generation Captain's chair with photo backdrop equals one seriously great memory.

Fans of Star Trek: Discovery will be excited to see this new photo shoot opportunity! Anson Mount and Ethan Peck will be doing a joint photo shoot at Destination Star Trek Birmingham.

Captain on the bridge! With Anson Mount attending Destination Star Trek Birmingham and us having the Discovery Captain's chair of course we are going to offer you a chance to have your photo with the two together!

The Cardassians are invading! On the Saturday of Destination Star Trek Birmingham David Warner will now be doing a photo shoot with fellow Cardassian actor Richard Poe.

New photo shoot added! Fans of Star Trek: Enterprise will be happy to see this new combo - Connor Trinneer and Anthony Montgomery and you. This will be an option all three days of Destination Star Trek Birmingham.

We are fairly sure he isn't Control... giving him access to the Discovery Captain's chair will be fine right... Let's find out!

Not to be outdone by the Cardassians, the Klingon's are making themselves heard. Suzie Plakson, JG Hertzler, and Gwynyth Walsh are doing a group photo shoot on our Klingon throne and they want to see if you are brave enough to join them.

 Stay tuned as there's certain to be plenty more news coming from the event over the next 8 weeks as we warp towards sector 001. 

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