In an age of megacorporations merging and regrouping to form enormous and powerful entities, the news that CBS and Viacom are rejoining is perhaps not the huge news it might have been just a few years ago. That said, in the Star Trek corner of the galaxy it's huge news as, for the first time since 2006, all Star Trek - TV and film - comes back under the same umberella, meaning the Kelvin timeline and the Prime timeline are for the first time part of the same company.

io9 took a look at the situation.

It’s not actually the first time CBS and Viacom have been part of the same company—the two split in 2006 in an attempt to free Viacom from the at-the-time misfortunes of a flailing CBS, only for the network to become one of the dominant forces of the TV industry in the intervening years. Remerging the companies makes it not just more viable to shore up Viacom’s downturn, but makes the newly-recombined corporation potentially more attractive to add more into its fold, as owner Shari Redstone seeks to compete with even larger megacorps like Disney/Fox, AT&T/Time Warner, and tech giants like Apple and Amazon.

In terms of particularly genre-centric news, the deal is not as immediately grabby as it was when Marvel Studios suddenly had access to the likes of the X-Men and Fantastic Four again after decades of their rights being at another studio. But it does mean that the Paramount-produced Star Trek films—including the original films and the the reboot trilogy of Star Trek 2009, Into Darkness, and Beyond—are now officially part of the same family as the CBS-owned Trek TV entries in the franchise. It means that for the first time since Star Trek: Enterprise ended, the rights to the entirety of Star Trek are all in the same place.

Given that plans for a fourth Star Trek film in that timeline are still in a nebulous, uncertain state, what that means going forward—beyond ease of distribution and an easier enmeshing of the reboot Trek with its predecessors in ancillary material—remains to be seen.

Could this mean the cast of the big screen Kelvin Treks could be involved in televised adventures, and visa versa? We'll find out soon enough.


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