Hardly a surprising summation of what to expect from Star Trek: Picard, but that's how CBS All Access Executive Vice President of Original Content Julie McNamara described how Star Trek: Picard will be a "hybrid" of Discovery and The Next Generation. 

I would say that it is in production sort of size and scope of more similar to Discovery. In terms of the characters and the nature of the storytelling, probably more like Next Generation. But of course, we're a number of years later now and so there are some shifts in the storytelling style. I think it's a really nice hybrid of the two.

So the scale and visual scope of Discovery, with the storytelling nature of TNG. Yep, I reckon we can live with that.

Source: https://www.cinemablend.com/television/2477485/star-trek-picard-is-a-hybrid-of-the-next-generation-and-discovery

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