Speaking to TrekMovie at San Diego Comic Con, Jeri Ryan discussed her nerves at reprising her role as Seven of Nine, vastly changed two decades after her adventures on the USS Voyager.,

‘Honestly, it was freaking terrifying, and these two [Jonathan Frakes and Jonathan Del Arco] can attest to that!

‘They both saved my ass! I was freaking out.’

She was a very specific character for four years on Voyager. There was a lot of growth, and all of that. She went from being a machine to learning to be human. ‘But, particularly the way she moved and her voice, that was what I was really hung up on. Her voice didn’t change that much in four years. So, she had a stilted, very formal, very stylized way of speaking, at the end of Voyager.'

‘So, when I got the initial script, and from I knew from the original pitch with James [Duff] a year and a half ago, she is not the same Seven. She is much more human. ‘She been on Earth for a long time, she has been through a lot. So, when I saw that initial script and as you saw, “what the hell are you doing out here?” It’s a very, very different voice. ‘And that is what was freaking me out.’

Source: https://trekmovie.com/2019/08/05/stlv19-star-trek-picard-panel-talks-sevens-new-voice-rikers-return-and-more/

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