Star Trek: Discovery will be back later next year for its hotly anticipated third season, now ensconced a thousand years in the future in the 32nd century (or 700 years further on than Star Trek: Picard which takes place on the cusp of the 25th century). New Disco co-showrunner Michelle Paradise discussed the empty seat at the head of the ship, the requirement for a new captain to take the chait in the future.

“Well, I can’t answer any specifics but I will remind you that in our finale, as Pike was leaving, he said, ‘We are going to need to choose a new captain, Saru said, ‘Let’s put a pin in that and see what happens.’ Discovery will need a captain. The pin will need to come out. We will need to address that in the story.”

Who will take the big seat? Will it be Saru, or Burnham, or will this brave new world bring a 32nd century Starfleet captain to the bridge of Discovery? Only time will tell...


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