Not that we were ever expecting the new Star Trek: Picard series to be a walk through the park at Starfleet headquarters, but the general vibe coming out of the show is that the series - set amost 20 years since the cataclysmic events of Star Trek Nemesis - deals with some life-changing - galaxy changing? - decisions made by Jean-Luc Picard. Producer Alex Kurtzman looks at those choices.

"We spent a lot of time with Patrick, and you know what? He's incredibly brilliant just as a human, and very warm, and obviously he knows Jean-Luc Picard better than anybody. And you know, he was really the one who from the outset said, 'I don't want to do this unless we're breaking new ground. I don't want to just play the character I played, why come back to that? We did that already.'"

"So it's been a really wonderful give-and-take in our collaboration with Patrick where he very quickly came to trust that we were both going to do exactly what he said in taking Picard to a new place, but also — and he doesn't look at himself this way — we're reverent of him, you know?

"He's Patrick Stewart! When we're in a room with him, his opinion really matters to us, and his happiness really matters to us, and ultimately, we couldn't do this show the way we're doing it if he wasn't excited about it and excited to play it."

"I think we've found a story that honours everything that people love about the character, but in ways that are not what you expect — and yet, become more and more familiar as the show goes.

"And that's what's exciting. A lot has happened to Jean-Luc Picard in the intervening years. There's been a lot going on and he's had to deal with some new things, he's had to deal with some old things, and both of those things kind of come colliding together.

"He's made choices that he's not necessarily feeling great about — and yet I think the audience will understand exactly why he made them."

 The outcome of those choices will finally be seen when Star Trek: Picard hits screen sometime in the autumn. 


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