Short Treks is back, and not just with the previously announced 2 animated episodes, easing us into the animated era of Trek, but also with four live action episodes, one of which will star Ethan Peck And Rebecca Romijn, bringing us Trek adventures from the original series era as opposed to the 32nd century where our intrepid Discovery crew will soon be seen.

We reported yesterday that in addition to the previously announced pair of animated Star Trek: Short Treks episodes, Alex Kurtzman said there were also going to be four new live-action ones. In our report, we mentioned that one featuring Captain Pike, Spock and Number One would not seem to be out of the question given how popular the trio was in Star Trek: Discovery Season 3.

Well, it looks like if you ask for it, you shall receive.

Director Mark Pellington, best known for his work on music videos and the show Blindspot, casually dropped a couple of images on his Instagram that should interest Trek Nation. These since deleted posts, indicate not only he just wrapped filming a Star Trek: Short Treks episode, but that it stars none other than Ethan Peck and Rebecca Romijn.

And if that wasn’t enough, one of the hashtags he used was #chabon, which would strongly imply that Michael Chabon wrote the episode. 


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