As the momentum of the Star Trek television universe continues to gain speed, great news arrives via Deadline's Crew Call that the Michelle Yeoh led Section 31 series will start shooting once season three of the now far-flung 32nd century adventures of Star Trek Discovery had been completed. Alex Kurtzman gave the update on the status of the show.

 ‘Erika [Lippoldt] and Boey [Kim], who are two of our writers on Discovery, are breaking story on it right now, and the plan is to shoot that the second we’re done with season three.'

So it appears that they're not wasting any time whatsoever in continuing the story started in Discovery of the original series era Section 31, with Yeoh at the forefront of the show.  

Just consider for a moment, the first season of Disco when Yeoh's original character of the Prime Phillipa Georgiou was killed off and eaten, taking away the delicious thought of more from this iconic actress. How things have changed in the last few years. 


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