Prolific Star Trek artist Keith Birdsong has passed away. Taken far too young at the age of 59, Birdsong suffered two strokes, the second of which led to a car accident. took a look at his life and career.

 Birdsong created the covers for more than 30 Trek novels, including Sarek, All Good Things..., Q-Squared, Time's Enemy and The Final Fury, as well as for the reference book, Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future. Additionally, he painted portraits of Kirk, Spock and McCoy for the postal envelopes commissioned to celebrate Star Trek's 25th anniversary and, for years, he painted many pieces displayed and sold by Lightspeed Fine Art at Star Trek Las Vegas and elsewhere.

 Condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Birdsong from all at TNZ. 


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