Speaking recently with TrekMovie.com, Kate Mulgrew discussed her new book How to Forget: A Daughter’s Memoir and naturally the topic of Kathryn Janeway came up. She was asked if she believs that TNG overshadowed the adventures of the Voyager crew.

No. I don’t think that ever occurred to me. I was aware of Next Generation being wonderfully received, and Patrick Stewart’s great popularity and success as a captain, but I was absolutely immersed in the business of making Star Trek: Voyager my imprint, and of value in and of itself.

I was determined to make Janeway the best captain I could make her, and not for any real feminist reasons—because I wanted as an actress and as a human being to put my stamp on that beautifully written woman. And I thought around me was a very, very good group. I’ve remained very close friends with Bob Picardo, Ethan Phillips. I mean, these guys were pretty terrific, so, no. And I’m aware of the competitive nature of it all. I’m a deeply competitive person myself, or have been in my life as an actress. It always pisses me off when people say that Voyager was less than Next Generation, and Janeway was less than Picard, or less than Kirk. And it’s all so silly, isn’t it?

 The Orange is the New Black star was then asked if she'd ever consider a return to the character of Janeway, and her reply was somewhat surprising.

I don’t know. It surprised me when Patrick came out on the stage—I was there that day—and announced it. It surprised me that he wanted to. But I think he knows it will probably have a shot at being quite a hit. And there’s no one who likes to work as much as Patrick Stewart. And for him it will probably be very successful. Picard was beloved. Yeah, it’ll be interesting. I don’t know what to say about Janeway. Seven years is a long time to play a character. I’m not sure that she would enjoy resuscitation. She was a very, very vibrant person, while she was.

Despite her current reticence we can only imagine how fascinating it would be for two former Starfleet admirals like Janeway and Picard - assuming that Janeway has left Starfleet at this point - to compare notes

Source: https://trekmovie.com/2019/05/24/interview-kate-mulgrew-on-the-legacy-of-voyager-star-trek-picard-aoc-and-more/

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