In one of my many other lives I write for the worlds longest running magazine of cult entertainment, Starburst and earlier today my review of the DS9 documentary What We Left Behind went live. Suffice it to say, it's a magnificent achievement, one well worth the wait and absolutely worth travelling to watch with fellow Niners fans.

As passion projects go, What We Left Behind not only shows the love of the production team but also a steadfastly loyal fanbase who, two decades on, still miss what was one of the great TV shows every bit as much as they did when the final episode aired on June 2nd, 1999. We’ve seen such documentaries before, oftentimes vanilla dips into a film or show, often presented as in-depth but in truth revealing little more than part of the EPK that promoted it on launch. What We Left Behind is far more than that. Led by DS9 showrunner Ira Steven Behr, the doc celebrates the glaringly obvious love the cast and crew have for the show and each other, but also refuses to look away from the issues that arose during the lifetime of the show. Just like Deep Space Nine itself, it’s real, honest (sometimes brutally so), gritty, and revealing.

Click here to head over to Starburst for the full review and visit CIN Events to book your seat for the special one-day only screening on 26th June.



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