There are many links between the galaxy's of Star Trek and Star Wars, but few have been as mch of a friend to both franchises as Dan Madsen. The editor of the Star Trek Communicator and the Star Wars Insider (and someone I'm proud to call my friend), Madsen was interviewed in 2010 at to discuss his fandom journey.

For those who are new to Trek, how would you explain your role in helping support/promote the franchise?

DM: Well, I began and ran the first-ever Official Star Trek Fan Club. From that I launched the Official Star Trek Fan Club Magazine which turned into the Star Trek Communicator. I came right around the time of the first movie and kept fans abreast of all the latest news, interviews, photos, etc. from all the Trek films and, then, with TNG and other Trek series. So I guess you might say I was one of those who kept the flame burning, sparking fan interest and sharing all the news and photos fit to print from about 1979 on. Of course, I was a fan myself long before that, but just a fan and not instrumental in keeping the Trek flame burning bright. Depending on what Trek project was happening, I did regular updates with Gene Roddenberry, William Shatner, Harve Bennett and Rick Berman, among others, to keep fans up to date with the latest news. I also created the Official Star Trek Fan Club catalog, where we sold every licensed Trek product and offered exclusive items only through the fan club. We created hundred of Trek collectibles during my time running the fan club.


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