Our friends over at Retrozap bring us their latest episode, recapping the fourteenth and final episode season two of Star Trek Discovery.

Dennis and Beth analyze the season finale of season two of Discovery on show #2-14: Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2.
It all comes down to this. The crew of the Discovery, with the aid of the Enterprise, prepares to battle Control and Section 31 with the fate of all sentient life hanging in the balance. Commander Michael Burnham, Saru, Tilly, Stamets, Spock and the rest vow to take the Sphere data to the future and out of the reach of the artificial intelligence threatening the rest of the galaxy. The odds seem insurmountable, but they are officers of Starfleet and they will find a way in Discovery: “Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2.”

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Source: https://www.retrozap.com/warp-trails-2-14-such-sweet-sorrow-part-2/

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