Star Trek Timelines continues to expand the galaxy as the secretive Section 31 enter the playing field via the new Campaigns feature, allowing Covert Operative Leland and Philippa Georgiou to be a part of your crew.

Starting on April 18, Star Trek Timelines’ first Campaign features Section 31 crew from Star Trek: Discovery including the commanding head of Section 31, Covert Operative Leland, and the versatile agent, Section 31 Philippa Georgiou.

For the 28-day length of this Campaign, Captains at level 4 or higher can earn special Campaigns points called Accolades by completing Daily Missions such as leveling up your crew, fighting epic space battles, and completing adventurous cadet challenges.

Warp to your app store of choice and download Star Trek Timelines to earn your own Section 31 agents! You can play Star Trek Timelines via the App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, Steam or Facebook. For more information on the game, follow the Star Trek Timelines Facebook page.


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