It's no secret that the original USS Enterprise is one of, if not the most, iconic starship in all of science fiction. Faced with that daunting legend, how do you bring the classic design, crafted in the 60's by Matt Jefferies and make it relevant but instantly recognisable in 2019? have the answers, talking with designer Tamara Deverell. A lot of people don't know what a production designer actually handles on a show or movie. Take us through your responsibilities on Discovery.

Tamara Deverell: The production designer is responsible for the entire look of the show in conjunction with the cinematographer and directors. Everything you see on the screen is something the production designer had a hand in, working with costumes and props and anything visual. We're like the visual architects of the film and television world.

How big a challenge and how big a playground is something like Discovery?

TD: A huge playground. Super-fun playground. It's a big show, especially for television, and certainly the biggest one I've ever worked on for television. As you can imagine, everything that can be built is built. [Anything] not built [is rendered through] visual effects. I'm responsible for the major part of the design process. All the initial concepts for even the exterior of the ships, and the planets start with me and my concept illustrators in the art department. 


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