Star Trek Timelines develops even further as they announce a month-long Mega-Event focusing on prisoners and interrogators from across Star Trek’s history.

The Dominion’s penchants for interrogation and torture, especially when practiced by its Cardassian members, are infamous in the Alpha Quadrant. If Federation citizens are being abducted, wouldn’t you want to save them from falling into the hands of the galaxy’s cruelest interrogators? You’re about to have that chance.

Prepare for your mission by checking out the schedule of events featured in the “Captive Intent” Mega-Event:

•    April 4 – The Stolen Years (Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event)
•    April 11 – Neutral Representation (Faction Event)
•    April 18 – In Word and Deed (Galaxy Event)
•    April 25 – Shackled to the Stars (Skirmish Event)


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