Our friends over at  Retrozap bring us their latest episode, recapping the eighth episode season two of Star Trek Discovery.

Dennis and Beth examine Burnham and Spock’s relationship as Captain Pike and Discovery avoid Section 31 in “If Memory Serves.”
After escaping from Section 31, Michael Burnham and her brother Spock are headed to Talos IV in hopes of finding the medial help Spock needs. Meanwhile, Section 31 won’t give up the hunt so easily and plots to track down the fugitives. Captain Pike receives orders from Georgiou to examine the wreckage of the modified probe that attacked them. Once on Talos IV, the Talosians agree to help Spock, but Burnham must pay a very challenging price. The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance in “If Memory Serves,” and Beth and Dennis are ready to talk about it on episode #2-8 of Warp Trails.

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Source: https://www.retrozap.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/02_08_Warp_Trails_If_Memory_Serves.mp3

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