Comic Book Resources have published some character breakdowns for the forthcoming Picard series, giving us an insight into the characters who will be sharing the screen with the former Starfleet captain.

The destruction of the Romulan Empire in the Prime Timeline -- in which the series is set -- will weigh heavily on Patrick Stewart's Picard. Additionally, the story will picks up 20 years after the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In addition to Picard, the series will feature seven characters: Connie, Lawrence, Starton, Dr. Smith, K'Bar, Indira and Alana. Connie is described as an African-American woman in her early 30s. She lost her husband and has a death warrant on her head from her home planet. She is also a mercenary pilot. Lawrence is also in his 30s and is described as someone with a "dodgy moral compass." The character, who is a thief, will pilot the ship Picard takes on his mission. The breakdown hints that he might not be trustworthy. Starton is "terrified of space" and specializes in "positronic brains." He is interested in the research part of Picard's mission. He is, like his three compatriots, in his early 30s. Lawrence and Starton are said to be of "any ethnicity."

The other four characters are described as follows. Dr. Smith is a hologram who helps the crew and is programmed to constantly learn but never to become "too self-aware." He may be an upgrade to the series' Emergency Medical Holograms. Another character is K'Bar, a 17-year-old Romulan martial artist who is extremely devoted to Picard. The final two characters are Indira, a smart but socially inept woman in her early 20s, and Alana, a former intelligence officer with an abusive personality in her mid-40s to 5os. Alana, Indira and Dr. Smith are described as being of "any ethnicity," while that isn't specified for K'Bar.

To quote a famously wise man, 'fascinating'. The show enters production next month and new information is sure to follow soon after.


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