Our friends over at  Retrozap bring us their latest episode, recapping the seventh episode season two of Star Trek Discovery.

Dennis and Beth discuss how Burnham finds Spock despite interference from her family and Section 31. Meanwhile, Pike and Discovery have a brush with time.

Captain Pike and Michael Burnham agree that they need to find Spock before Section 31. Therefore, Pike grants Michael leave to visit her parents on Vulcan. Once there, she finally finds Spock in the middle of a family dispute. Ultimately, Michael brings Vulcan to Section 31 for treatment of a mental breakdown. Is this the wise move though? Georgiou has something to say about that. Meanwhile, Captain Pike and the crew of Discovery have a temporal disturbance to investigate and handle. Is something from the future attacking them? Can Captain Pike and Ash Tyler put aside their difference and find common ground? In “Light and Shadows” new crises emerge to threaten Spock, Burnham, Captain Pike, and the entire crew of the Discovery. Dennis and Beth have a lot to discuss on episode 2-7 of Warp Trails.

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Source: https://www.retrozap.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/2_7_Warp_Trails_Light_and_Shadows.mp3

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