Section 31 is happening, it's locked in and work has already begun on the Michelle Yeoh led series that will give further depth and detail to the shadowy Federation organisation we first saw way back in the 18th episode of the 6th season of Deep Space Nine in the episode Inquisition.

Alex Kurtzman, speaking on the recent TCA Winter 2019 Press Tour, shed light on its progress.

“Well, Erika [Lippoldt] and Bo [Yeon Kim] are writing it now, so we’re breaking story now. And they’re amazing, and they’re a big part of Discovery, so they’re on our staff too. So they’re doing double duty this year, and our hope is that we will have a script in the next couple months, and then as soon as Discovery Season Three is over we’re rolling right into that show. That’s my hope.”

So, once Disco season three is completed the new show will begin. Could that put the clock on Discovery, meaning it will only run for 3 seasons? With the Picard show staring later this year it's hard to believe CBS will be able to cope with Discovery, Picard, Section 31 and Lower Decks all at the same time - let's hope they have a plan in place and they can, meaning we could essentially have Star Trek seasons running all year round.

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