But according to Sir Patrick Stewart “I can’t even tell you the title of the series." While doing the PR rounds for his new film The Kid Who Would Be King, Sir Patrick has been hitting the TV circuit, appearing on The Graham Norton Show, This Morning With Phillip and Holly and talking with RTE.

On the Norton show he dropped a tiny bit of info regarding the placement of the show. and how surprised he is to be returning to the role.

“I still can’t quite fully take it on board, because I am not only reviving Jean-Luc Picard, but I’m also co-executive producer, which I have never done before."

And how far into the 'future' the show is.

“We are reviving a Picard story. It is exactly nineteen years in the future, which is how time has passed since the last time I put on my space suit. It has been that long I mean for the television series.”

He also spoke with RTE and revealed that the show does have a title....he just can't share it yet. 

 “We are trying to keep it under covers as much as possible, because that we hope will entice people to tune in and watch it, and then get taken up in the new world that The Next Generation is now inhabiting.”

“I can’t even tell you the title of the series. All these things are banned. But I can tell you we are shooting in California, and we have some brilliant people working on this show.”

 The PIcard show arrives later this year with shooting beginning in April. 

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