One of the most visually impressive elements of Star Trek Discovery is the Minority Report-style holo comminucation systems which feed information to the bridge and the officers in control of the ships various systems.

It's played as a throwaway line in An Obol for Charon, but upon further investigation it's far more important. Captain Pike and Number One addressed the issue.

Number One: "The failiures casquaded through all our primaries. Helm, nav, both impulse and warp drive. Chief Louvier has an engineering team working around the clock."
Pike: "I don't think Enterprise will ever have an enghineer more in love with his ship."
Nimber One: "Apparently Enterprise is the only ship in the fleet that's had any problems."
Pike: "You know he warned me, that damn holographic system. Tell Louvier to rip out the entire system, from now on we'll comminicate using good old fashioned viewscreens. Truth is I never liked the holograms, look too much like ghosts."
Number One: "*laughs*"
Pike: "He told you I'd say that?"
Number One: "No, I told him."

So, a quick and logical explanaition as to why future Starfleet vessels do away with the holographic communicartion system, it bleeds into other vitalship systems, rendering them inoperable, hence the Enterprise being temporarily out of commission duering season two. With the flagship of the fleet down, no wonder the holographic system was later steered towards technologies like the Holodeck and Holosuite.


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