Trek Movie catch up with Star Trek: Discovery prosthetics and special effects makeup artist James MacKinnon, who discusses the evolution of certain characters in the second season and the arrival of some pleasingly familiar faces.

Can you tell us about any aliens we’re going to see?

MacKinnon: Nope. Nope. But it’s a cool amount. It’s a great thing because I’ve done five of the other television shows back from Deep Space Nine, Voyager, [the film] First Contact, so it’s kind of cool as a makeup artist to be able to … not reinvent, a little bit, so if we bring one of those makeups back again, I get to do it for a second time, and maybe it’s new products so say back in 1990, there was all foam latex, today it’s silicone. So it’s a new medium, it’s a new makeup, it’s washes instead of PAX paints, which is the product we used back then. So I get to be challenged as a makeup artist now to kind of create a new version of what I created back then with Michael Westmore on one of the shows.

 It will be fascinating to see which species do return, especially with MacKinnon's long history with the franshise and his opportunity to return to some old favourites.


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