The Wrap ask a pertinent question - when do you reach the point when there's too much Star Trek? Rick Berman held his hands up 14 years ago when Enterprise ended, saying that they'd gone back to the well too many times, and that led to a 4 year break before the Kelvin Timeline series began.

Speaking with Julie McNamara, executive vice president of original content, CBS All Access, they discussed the many projects on the horizon. 

“There’s no benefit to just pushing out into the marketplace tons of ‘Star Trek content. That’s not our intention. We’re looking to mine it wisely and effectively.”

Along with “Star Trek: Discovery,” which debuted its second season on Thursday, CBS All Access has at least two more live-action series in various stages of development. At the end of this year, Sir Patrick Stewart will return as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, in a new series following his “Star Trek: The Next Generation” character. Earlier this week, All Access put into development a series centered around Michelle Yeoh’s Philippa Georgiou character from “Discovery.”

CBS All Access also has the animated “Lower Decks” on the horizon, and is developing a second animated series. Additionally, CBS All Access has ordered two more installments of its “Short Treks” shortform series.

McNamara points out that the Picard series won’t be on the service until the end of 2019, and that the Michelle Yeoh-led series is just in development as of now. She’s still expected to be a major part of “Discovery” during season 2, with McNamara adding that the season won’t necessarily serve as a back-door pilot for Yeoh’s standalone show.

“Lower Decks” won’t air soon, either: the animation alone will take a year.

“When I look at how the schedule is theoretically laying out on my desk, it does not feel like it’s one after another,” she said, adding that by the time the Yeoh-led series premieres, “Discovery” may be over.

“Some of these can be considered as replacements as opposed to additions,” she said. “These ‘Trek’ shows take a lot of incubation, because they’re very prep heavy, visual effects heavy… we’re seeing it more as we’re getting a good jump on making sure that there is a good fulsome stream of ‘Trek’ material.”

So, the Michelle Yeoh series could replace Discovery. Interesting, perhaps that puts an implied time constraint on Discovery. After all, who would announce a brand new series that's much more than 2 years out? Could that mean Discovery is destined to only run for 4, maybe 5 seasons before other shows come along to expand the timeline? After all, we're heading back to the Next Generation era with Picard. Maybe that long-hoped for USS Titan series could become a reality after all.


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