Rumours abound that the 4th of the Kelvin Timeline films and the 14th big screen Star Trek film has been 'shelved'.

Deadline are reporting that director SJ Clarkson has moved away from the Trek project and on to the pilot episode of the Game of Thrones spin-off, and while that certainly doesn't mark the end of the project, with spiralling costs and underwhelming box office returns compared to production outlay it may be a Trek too far for the current crew.

The project would have brought back George Kirk from the first J.J. Abrams directed film, but hit problems as wage negotiations led to Chris Hemsworth stepping away and - given the success of Wonder Woman - Chris Pine also apparently backing away from the project.

It would appear that in the short term, the future of Star Trek lies on television, where it looks likely that there will be more projects to follow after the next season of Discovery, Picard and the Lower Decks animated series.


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