Star Trek fans not only know the name Dan Madsen, but owe him a great debt. Inspired by Trek since childhood, a viewing of The Motion Picture in 1979 set him on a path to creating the first official Star Trek Fan Club, an endeavour that gave so much inidsight into the Trek story and is still much-missed many years later.

I'm priviledged to have met Dan a couple of times over the years and here, Madsen remembers seeing The Motion Picture for the first time.

On this day in 1979 I pretty much spent the entire day standing in line to see something I had dreamed of and could barely wait for - Star Trek on the big screen! Went to see Star Trek: The Motion Picture twice that opening day and loved every minute of it..especially how the audience cheered when each cast member appeared on screen. The next day I started working on a fan club that would eventually evolve into the Official Star Trek Fan Club. Christmas came early for me that year! Lots of good memories.


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