Last weekend saw Anson Mount and William Shatner visit the recreated sets of the original USS Enterprise in Ticonderoga, New York at Christmas with the Captains, and during the event Mount revealed some interesting and most welcome news.

Mount revealed that Discovery Season 2 has been extended from its original 13-episode order by one hour, bringing the episode count for 2019 to a total of 14 entries, which will stretch production up in Toronto through December 21 — and Captain Pike will be involved through the end, as Mount expects to be working right up to the holiday weekend. (Last season was also extended during production, from an original 13 to 15-episode order.)

“This is the biggest production I have ever been a part of,” said Mount to the crowd during his on-stage appearance at the local Ticonderoga High School, where the Set Tour team hosts its guest panels. “It’s huge.” Speaking of his experience this season, Mount admitted that a lot of “really surreal moments” happen when one becomes a part of a Star Trek cast. “Sitting in the captain’s chair,” he reminisced, “was strangely emotional.” The actor also told fans that he had actually first been connected with Discovery when he was in the running to play Gabriel Lorca — a role which eventually went to Jason Isaacs — but the producers kept him in mind and he was approached by the series to take on the role of Pike.

Great news to hear that the second season is getting extra episodes, much like the premiere season did.


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