My latest article for was a little different, tasked as I was to write the official sites post celebrating Thanksgiving, something we don't do here in the UK. However, my focus was firmly on the many things we have been given by Star Trek that any of us around the galaxy can be thankful for, and so here are 5 good reasons to gives thanks to Star Trek on Thanksgiving.

How does one compile the many reasons we have to be thankful for Star Trek into one article? For over half a century, Star Trek has not only excited and enthralled us with tales from the 22nd, 23rd and 24th centuries, but it’s shown us much about the human condition and a pathway to a brighter, more hopeful tomorrow. Where other sci-fi presented a grim, dystopian future – all too easy in these days of uncertainty, and certainly so during the Cold War era of the 1960’s – Gene Roddenberry gave us an optimistic vision. Earth and the struggles of humanity to co-exist upon it were the macrocosm, while the fictional Star Trek galaxy developed to show us our hopes and ideals on a grand galactic stage. As a parable for life, and a means of presenting the everyday battles we face in an attractive sci-fi setting, we should be thankful.


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