While we were crushed at the end after 7 amazing seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we were consoled by the switch from the small screen to the big of our magnificent seven. That film - Star Trek Generations - arrived on 18th November 1994, behind a memorable score by Dennis McCarthy and VFX by ILM. The film grossed $23.1 million during its opening weekend, staying in the top ten for a further four weeks on its way to $75,671,125 in the United States, $118 million worldwide. Not bad stacked up against a $35 million production budget.

And here's a thought, Generations was the very first film to have a website designed to accompany it. Back in the day I launched my own Star Trek website - the Q-Continuum, with pages below from early 1996 - and 23 years later launced Star Trek The Neutral Zone. Here's to many years of Star Trek online, and to celebrating the 25th anniversary next year of Star Trek Generations! 

Source: http://www.startrek.com/database_article/star-trek-generations

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