Oh dear, sweet non-corporeal gaseous entities, please let this be true. Deadline are reporting that Michelle Yeoh, in her role as the Mirror Phillipa Georgiou, could be about to take the lead in another new Star Trek CBS series focusing on the shadowy Section 31.

Seen in Deep Space Nine and later in Star Trek Into Darkness, a Section 31 series would fit in with the character and her use in the second season of Discovery, and allow us and the producers the chance to delve into the darker corners of the Star Trek story.

A CBS spokesperson declined comment when contacted by Deadline about the status of any Yeoh-led spinoff. When the Alex Kurtzman-run expansion was first announced in June, a Georgiou series was one that Deadline postulated.

The first revealed casting of the Discovery series, the recruitment of Yeoh’s Georgiou into Section 31 is a storyline for the January 17-debuting Season 2 of Discovery that she teased online when she appeared at New York Comic-Con in October:

Potentially awesome news, we'll let you know more if and when it crystalises.

Source: https://deadline.com/2018/11/michelle-yeoh-star-trek-spinoff-talks-cbs-crazy-rich-asians-1202498617/

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