My latest article over at takes a look back 20 years to the 7th episode of DS9's 6th season, You Are Cordially Invited as Worf and Dax finally tie the knot.

Star Trek has been the host to many love affairs, marriages and relationships. Kirk shared too many to mention, Spock too few, and Scotty a singular love of the U.S.S. Enterprise (and a good scotch). We saw Picard fall for Vash, Riker and Troi spend years winding their way to marriage, Keiko and O’Brien experience and their ups and downs, and Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres figure it out in the Delta Quadrant. But no relationship was quite as feisty, passionate and unique as that of Commander Worf and Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax. Immediately attracted to each other, Jadzia used her hard-earned knowledge of the Klingon ways to break down the implacable Worf, and soon they were embarking upon an ever-growing relationship that led to the seventh episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s penultimate season, “You Are Cordially Invited...” 


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