My latest article over at steps back 52 years to November 1966 and Dagger of the Mind, from The Original Series first season.

Fifty-two years ago today, on Thursday, November 3, 1966, the ninth episode of Star Trek’s ground-breaking first season debuted on NBC. While The Monkees were at number one in the hit parade with “Last Train To Clarksville” (and influencing the Trek upper brass to bring in a Davy Jones lookalike in season two in the form of Walter Koenig), Trek fans were watching “Dagger of the Mind,” which took the U.S.S. Enterprise to the Tantalus Penal Colony on the world of Tantalus V.

Notable for the very first example of the Vulcan MInd Meld, this was a lot of fun to delve back into, so check it out.


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