Prepare the champagne, the console launch date for Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery has been announced. It arrives on XBox One and PlayStation 4 on 13th November.

 Perfect World announced the console launch date for its newest content added to the massively multiplayer online RPG set in the Star Trek universe, which allows players to create new characters from the Star Trek: Discovery era and participate in a multi-part storyline rooted in the CBS All Access series’ mythology. The update debuted on PC in October. 

In the first chapter of Age of Discovery, Star Trek Online captains will join forces with Starfleet Academy Cadet Sylvia Tilly, voiced by Star Trek: Discovery star Mary Wiseman.

Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery will introduce a new Discovery-era tutorial, feature two new episodes, and add new Reputation Tiers, a new queue (now referred to as a Task Force Operation) and several other new gameplay features.

In addition, Age of Discovery will bring with it a wider update to Star Trek Online’s story, streamlining and updating older missions to reach the higher standard that more recent content has achieved.

 Gamers, prepare to leave space dock, this is going to get epic.



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