In her guise as Major Kira she was more likely to be destroying enemy starships than painting them, but in 2018 her earthly counterpart Nana Visitor was only too happy to grab a paintbrush and learn how to make a Starfleet vessel look as spectacular as its full-size counterpart. took a look at her day with the Geek and Sundry team filming the latest episode of Painters Guild.

Star Trek Online is teaming up with Geek and Sundry and Alpha, to bring you some really fun episodes of their show, Painter’s Guild. Normally on the show, host Will Friedle learns to paint miniatures from the experts, but this time, he’s stepping into the teacher’s seat – and his pupil is none other than Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Victory is Life’s Nana Visitor. Nana sits in with Will to paint some Gameprint models of a Star Trek Online ship, specifically the Chimera class. She also talks with Will about her time on DS9, and her experience working with STO on this summer’s expansion, Victory is Life. The first episode is out right now on their streaming service, Alpha, and you can get a free 30-day trial to check it out.

Want to print and paint your own ship model? Head to the ship tailor in game, and you can customize and order your 3D printed model there, from Gameprint.


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