As if we weren't excited enough already for the arrival of What We Left Behind, now we learn that one of the many stretch goals will be aimed at giving us even more HD footage to revel in. While not done by the same team that did the TNG blu-ray conversions, this looks fantastic, as shown by this image of Garak which sparkles in its HD incarnation (the image above truly does not do it justice)

 TrekCore delve into this great news.

While the team showcased a tiny clip of HD footage from “Emissary” at their STLV panel earlier this month — one which was not able to be shared online, and was only able to be seen on a large projector screen in Las Vegas — the first comparison of SD-to-HD Deep Space Nine imagery was revealed in today’s update video, from the famous ‘root beer’ scene in Season 4’s “The Way of the Warrior.”

New $50 backers for this HD-upgrade push will be eligible to receive collectible What We Left Behind challenge coins, and higher-level $500 backers will be personally credited in the documentary itself as specific scenes can be ‘sponsored’ in the final project.
As you may notice in the ‘backer credit’ illustration and HD framegrab of Garak above, there’s some additional picture information on the sides of the image, allowing the scene to be presented in a 16×9, widescreen format.

Additionally, prolific Trek composer Dennis McCarthy and Enterprise, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels composer Kevin Kiner have come onboard to score the documentary. Truly, this is shaping up to be a VERY special documentary, one which we will review in depth on release.

The first public screening of the documentary will take place in Los Angeles on Friday 12th October and then across to the East Coast and New York City on Sunday 14th October. The date for the London premier is yet to be confirmed, but with Destination Star Trek taking place on 19th - 21st October there's every chance the premier will fit in with that, allowing the many DS9 cast members in attendence to hit the red carpet.


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