While many of us can't imagine a future Kelvin Timeline Trek without Chris Pine's Captain Kirk at the helm, it appears that producer Adi Shankar - who has nothing to do with Star Trek but who produced Karl Urban's 2012 Dredd film - thinks the series can survive without him.

"Losing Pine and Kirk is not a big deal and kind of cool. Actors don't matter, stories do. This is the universe presenting an opportunity to do something different and boldly go where no suits have gone before." 

 To get this far in and then lose Pine, especially as the fourth Trek will be without the late Anton Yelchin, would be a bitter blow. Chris Hemsworth is also away from the film for the time being, so it appears that the DC Cinematic Universe have Pine for Wonder Woman and the Marvel Cinematic Universe keep hold of their Thor.

Source: https://screenrant.com/star-trek-4-chris-pine-kirk-adi-shankar/

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